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The Art of SEOThe Art of SEO

The Art of SEO (Theory in Practice) -

The Art of SEO was written by search engine optimization industry leaders who detail the basic guidelines on how to build an effective SEO strategy for your website. The book was regarded as an "industry standard" as it covers the context of what SEO is, what the objectives in this field are, how pages are ranked, SEO planning, linking, tracking, research and keyword understanding. It also addresses strategies for specific kinds of companies, as well as wide variety of SEO topics, including social media in its most recent edition. It also covers how searches will evolve in the future. The tone of this book is easy to comprehend, making the basics of SEO accessible to all.

The Art of SEO (Amazon).

Search Engine Optimization for Dummies, 5th EditionSearch Engine Optimization for Dummies, 5th Edition

Search Engine Optimization for Dummies, 5th Edition -

This book functions as a boiled-down approach to understanding the fundamentals of search engine optimization. Peter Kent provides detailed explanations on everything from how sites are ranked, how to use linking effectively. It also covers indexing, local search results, using social networks, giving insight on reputation management, advertising with pay-per-click options, and the latest tracking tools. Called an essential "first step" for any business looking to increase their presence online, this book provides helpful insights on how to develop a website with indexes and directories that will be search-engine friendly. Kent's book will walk you through the entire process of understanding the general ins and outs of how this industry works.

Search Engine Optimization for Dummies, 5th Edition (Amazon).

Author: Peter Kent
Search Engine Optimization All-in-OneSearch Engine Optimization All-in-One

Search Engine Optimization All-in-One for Dummies -

Written by one of the world's most well known SEO experts, Bruce Clay provides an exhaustive combination of 10 books with this "all-in-one" option, taking search engine optimization strategy to a new level. Here he covers topics that his contemporaries do not address, such as optimizing servers for SEO, in-depth search marketing, and international SEO development, etc. Without abandoning the basics, Clay discusses the purpose behind SEO, how it works, and tactics on how to increase rankings through keyword strategy, web design, working with analytics, content development, creating links, and properly analyzing results. He also implements ethical guidelines applicable in the field on how to deal with competition. This book is arguably the best all-inclusive tool to have in hand when learning about SEO.

Search Engine Optimization All-in-One for Dummies (Amazon).

Author: Bruce Clay