SEO Domain Considerations

There are several aspects to consider when thinking about what might be obstructing your rankings on search engines, or how to improve your SEO. Some of these considerations are: The age of the domain the time when the domain is renewed, the domain length and structure are these all factors taken into consideration by search engines. Though these aspects only have a minimal effect on ranking, they are important recommendations to be aware of nonetheless.

Age of Domain

Taking into consideration the age of a website, refers to the length of time that a domain has existed and how long the domain has been registered and indexed by Google.
Domain age does come into play to determine Google ranking, and the older the pages, the better advantages they receive. The advantages do not necessarily last long, but the point here is that a brand new domain (all else being equal) will not rank as highly as one that has existed for a year or more.

Expiration Date

Providing expiration dates is a potential way of reinforce rankings on Google. If you renew your domain one year at a time, or renew only when the domain is about to expire, it communicates a signal to Google that the site is not a priority. This kind of information could potentially weaken rankings and is not advisable.

By registering a domain for a number of years at once, or at least a good length of time ahead from the expiration date (ie., within 12-24 months from the expiration), it indicates to search engines that, you are committed to maintaining the site activity and development for a substantial amount of time.

Domain Length And Structure

Short domain names and URLs are better choices over longer ones, both for usability and SEO purposes. For example, it would be more advantageous to have the domain as opposed to

Also, exact keyword match domains can offer great benefits. For example, if a website is about bird attach, it would be best to have the domain This would benefit the site in three ways:

1) - It will make the domain easy to remember for visitors who want to come back.
2) - The domain will benefit from a fair amount of traffic types.
3) - Linking to the website. Others tend to use the URL or the name of their site in the link text, and having an exact match keyword to the URL of a website won't certainly hurt.

Having an exact keyword match domain used to be a significant factor in rankings; but nowadays it only offers sub-direct ranking benefits (as noted above).

It is also important to remember that when focusing on the structure of your website, that value within a site is based on content and incoming links. URLs do play a very important role, but the strength of the links and content on your site will be driving potential higher ranking on search engines.